WHA Resolution – Accelerated Action on Global Drowning Prevention

World Conference on Drowning Prevention 2023 welcomes the adoption of the first World Health Assembly resolution on drowning prevention, during the 76th Assembly, 29 May 2023.

The WHA Resolution – “Accelerating action on global drowning prevention” seeks to mobilise the World Health Organization (WHO), governments, non-government organisations, and other partners to respond to drowning as an often-overlooked public health issue.

The resolution calls for strengthening data collection, raising public awareness, and a focus on sharing lessons across nations and communities.

WCDP2023 program includes many presentations that speak to the development of the WHA Resolution, and how it can influence drowning prevention work across the globe.

Presenters are encouraged to align their presentations to both the UN and WHA resolutions where appropriate.

We acknowledge the work of WHO, RNLI, and the governments of Ireland, and Bangladesh in realising this resolution. We look forward to coming together in Perth to reflect on how they can help ensure this resolution saves lives.

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