Disaster and Climate Change

This theme addresses disaster and climate change and encompasses papers that:

  • Align drowning prevention to disaster management plans, strategies for climate change adaptation, and Disaster Risk Reduction agendas including the Sendai Framework.
  • Explore systematic approaches to assessing flooding risk and impact
  • Present strategies to build agency and community capacity to respond during flood emergencies
  • Outline best practice in systems and techniques of swift water rescue
  • Explore preparedness against flood or coastal inundation impact (early warning systems, country/ regional warnings)
  • Impact of extreme weather on drowning and drowning prevention
  • Address community-based preparedness and resilience


The WCDP committee have released the Disaster and Climate Change accepted papers, take a look below. More papers to follow. 

Disclaimer: papers were correct at the time of publishing. Please note, circumstances may change beyond the control of the organisers, which may necessitate substitutions or alterations to the conference program.


Title of submission


Gordon Wenzek

In Germany, water rescue and drowning prevention is largely based on voluntary workers. After the “Bernd” flood of the century in 2021, the helicopter-assisted rescue of people and the use of drones as resources for averting danger should be evaluated and applied across the board


Kyra Hamilton

Can planning curtail people’s willingness to drive into urban flash flooding?


Martin Hagger

Beliefs and attitudes of Australian learner drivers toward driving and avoid driving into floodwater


Sadrul Mazumder

Building Awareness among communities to save children from Drowning during floods and cyclones


Adrian Mayhew

Climate, Flooding & Heat: Lab to Policy


Gridsana Pimpanon

The Evolution of Flood Rescue Training in Thailand


Tony van den Enden

Floodwater response, evacuation and rescue: An Australian perspective


Norman Farmer

A community resilience project to ensure disaster preparedness along Australia’s coastline


Richard Franklin

Examining the risk relationship between drowning and heatwave


Pradipta Ghosal

Required Preparedness due to Rapid Shift in Drowning circumstances primarily due to changing Social behaviour, Climatic changes and Global Warming!


Dirk Bissinger, PhD

The Flooding in Germany Summer 2021 – a retrospective evaluation


Muhammad Said

Development of a community based search and rescue service in a low-resource setting: a case study from Zanzibar


Justin Sempsrott

Drowning and climate change, the results from a project by the International Drowning Researcher’s Alliance


Nahid Akther

Worst waterway tragedy of the country in the recent decades in Bangladesh: seventy people died in one incident


Notan Chandra Dutta

Assessing the drowning risks in the flood affected areas in east-north part of Bangladesh


Paulo Costa

Risk perception analysis of atmospheric electric discharges by professionals working in the aquatic environment.