Medical Issues and Treatment

This theme addresses medical issues, resuscitation, and treatment, and includes papers that:

  • Advance resuscitation guidelines
  • Advance medical treatment of drowning patients
  • Analyse the impact of neurological and other outcomes following non-fatal drowning
  • Outline systems, case reports and best practice standards for aeromedical rescue
  • Explore the role of pre-existing medical conditions in drowning
  • Explore first responder mental health
  • Outline approaches to Resuscitation, first aid and response training for lifeguards and other rescuers, including advanced training and education for medical providers


The WCDP committee have released the Coastal Safety accepted papers, take a look below. More papers to follow. 

Disclaimer: papers were correct at the time of publishing. Please note, circumstances may change beyond the control of the organisers, which may necessitate substitutions or alterations to the conference program.

Presenting  Title of Submission Decision 
Ogilvie Thom Does on scene oxygen therapy prior to the arrival of Emergency Medical Services improve outcomes from resuscitation of drowning? A case match analysis of 216 patients. Oral
MASASHI KASAHARA Injury and Illness Surveillance of Lifesavers in Lifesaving Competitions Poster
Niklas Breindahl Evaluation of a critical incident management system on mental health in lifeguard organisations: A retrospective study Oral
Kasper Bitzer The role of accidental hypothermia in drowning-related out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: A Danish six-year retrospective cohort study Oral
Allart Venema Manual versus mechanical chest compressions on a lifeboat in different wave heights Oral
Ana Catarina Queiroga PTSD following a nonfatal drowning in a professional rescuer Oral
Samantha Fien The neglected domain of mental health in adolescent surf lifesavers Oral
David Reid An exploration of first aid provided to beachgoers on Australian beaches Oral
João Claudio Campos Pereira The development of competences for the care of drowned patients, using the flipped classroom, in a medical course Poster
Samantha Fien Developing a national survey to understand mental health in Surf Life Saving Oral
Riley Huntley Review of pulse check and BVM skills among lifeguards: Practices based on evidence-based research or expert consensus? Poster
Riccardo Ristori FASD Ultrasound (Focused Assessment with Sonography for drowning), proposal for decision making Poster
Danielle Taylor Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: A Silent Contributor to Adult Drowning Oral
Alexandre Tadeia Positioning the conscious drowning victim Oral
Md shafkat Hossain Communities’ immediate practice and health seeking behavior for child drowning cases: qualitative findings from the most drowning prone areas of Bangladesh. Oral
Zobaer Alam A case series of 18 hospitalized under-five non-fatal drowning victims in rural Bangladesh Oral
Joost Bierens The position of lifeguards in the updated 2023 drowning resuscitation guidelines Oral
Md. Abu Talab Title: Burden of treatment cost for fatal and non-fatal drowning in Bangladesh: Findings from a national population-based survey Oral
RENAN ZANELA Technical Knowledge about Basic Life Support for Drowned Persons by Doctors, Nurses and Nursing Technicians Poster
Mohammad Hossain Impact of community-based first responder development for the management of drowning casualties in rural areas of Bangladesh Poster
Zobaer Alam Health care seeking behavior of under-five non-fatal child drownings in rural Bangladesh Poster
Md. Abu Talab Title: First aid practices and health seeking behaviors of caregivers for non-fatal drowning in Bangladesh: Sharing experiences from a national population-based survey Poster
João Paulo Water rescue: suggestion of new terminology Poster
Paulo Filho Immunological aspects to the patient from drowning: an understanding for efficient treatment Poster
Paulo Nunes Potential risks of pathogen transmission in mouth-to-mouth ventilation in drowned patients: a mini-review Poster