Presenters Information Guide

The Conference Organising Committee would like your conference presentation experience to be successful and enjoyable. In order to help your presentation run smoothly and to address many of the logistical questions you may have, this information guide has been developed, download it here

The guide includes:

  • Background and Presenter Deadlines
  • Format and Timing for Presentations
  • Revising Abstracts 
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Poster Guidelines
  • Onsite Presenter Logistics
  • Marketing and Media
  • Conference Code of Conduct
  • Pre-Conference Field Trips and Workshops and Conference Dinner
  • Contacts

Please take the time to read this information. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ILS Event Director, John Martin MBE – 

Presenters are assumed to have read the Information Guide and be willing and able to provide the required presentation items by their due date. Presenters who fail to submit their required items by the due date risk being removed from the program at the discretion of the Conference Organising Committee.

With the assistance of this information guide each presenter must provide all items listed below by the following due dates:




Review and Revise Abstract Details 


Sunday 5 November 2023

All speakers/presenters can review and revise their submitted Abstract up to this date, to be included in the Digital Conference Program and Proceedings Booklet.

See Section 3 – Revising Abstracts for further details.

Upload Oral PowerPoint Presentation


Sunday 19 November 2023

All Speaker Presenters must upload their PowerPoint presentation/s into Oxford Abstracts. 

See Section 4 – PowerPoint Presentations for further details.

Upload Poster PDF Presentation

Sunday 19 November 2023

All Poster Presenters must upload their Poster presentation/s into  Oxford Abstracts. 

Please note, this poster artwork is required for the Digital Conference Program and Proceedings Booklet and Gallery.

Posters must be printed via the Delegate and brought to the Conference for display. 

See Section 5 – Poster Guidelines for further details.

Disclaimer: Please note, circumstances may change beyond the control of the organisers, which may necessitate substitutions or alterations to the conference program and/or logistics surrounding the organisation of the event. We will be sure to keep Presenters updated of any changes via regular email updates. 

We look forward to your involvement in the Conference and keeping you updated regarding the conference program.

Social Media Promotion

We encourage presenters to use the provided social media tile and suggested text to help promote the World Conference on Drowning prevention 2023 across social media platforms.


I am pleased to be presenting at the World Conference on Drowning Prevention in Perth from 4-7 December 2023.

I will be discussing the topic of XXX, which will include conversations around XXX, XXX and XXX.

Please join us at #WCDP2023. This globally significant event will focus world attention on drowning prevention, gathering experts in drowning prevention, lifesaving and water safety with the goal of Shaping Global Strategy and Mobilising for Action.

To learn more or register, visit:

Suggested hashtags: #WCDP2023 #DrowningPrevention #WaterSafety

Social handles to include: 

Twitter – @wcdp2023

Facebook – @worldconferenceondrowningprevention

LinkedIn – @world-conference-on-drowning-prevention