Crowd Funding Support

The aim of this Crowd Funding opportunity is to support the attendance of delegates from Developing Nations/Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) at WCDP 2023. To read more about how to apply for funding assistance, click here.

Crowd Funding is a voluntary peer-to-peer sponsorship programme which allows conference delegates or other donors to financially support conference delegates from these countries.  It can be done by adding a specified percentage amount to your own conference registration fee.

The Local Organising Committee will then offer partial sponsorship to these delegates which covers registration and travel costs. Priority will be given to appointed speakers/presenters. Visa and other conference related costs must be covered by the sponsored delegate.

All funds raised through this process will be fully allocated to supporting their attendance and there are no additional administrative charges imposed on the money that is paid.

The percentages of the current Developing Nations Category C Normal Registration fee of AUD$ 585.00 that can be selected are:


    • 10% of the registration fee – AUD$ 58.50

    • 20% of the registration fee – AUD$ 117.50

    • 30% of the registration fee – AUD$ 175.50

    • 40% of the registration fee – AUD$ 234.00

    • 50% of the registration fee – AUS$ 292.50

The amount selected will be added to the final amount payable when you finalise your registration action. A register of donors through this Crowd Funding approach will be maintained and promoted to encourage others to participate in the scheme. If you do not wish to have your name included, please advise us at